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Sailor Ranko:
Your Destiny is Annulled

Disclaimer: The "Ranma one half" characters are created by and belong to Takahasi Rumiko. The "Sailor Moon" characters are, similarly, Takeuchi Naoko's. I own only the native Ahs characters here.

Author's Rant

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Flame! Poof!!
Anonymous, "Comment on Fanfiction.net".
Canvas, bile.

One warning: this is not truly a Ranma /Sailor Moon cross-over, more a Sailor Ranko / Original fusion.

The canon I base it on is not the manga nor anime but the "Sailor Ranko" fanfic, written by Fire and continued mostly by Rebecca Ann Heineman (She is now making a webcomic too!)

Author's rant: (feel free to skip it)

This fic started as yet another rewrite of "Dive into the Unknown" where the fight against a tentacle demon wasn't anvilicious enough. Trust me, you can't get anvilicious enough when writing about tentacle demons. There is no kill like overkill. Unsurprisingly (knowing me), the rewriting process quickly went out of control so instead of correcting a couple first chapters I ended up re-hauling the whole thing.

How much will be left of the original concept? The idea is still here, but otherwise this fic is like a wild buffalo: I manage to stay on its back, somehow, but the direction it is going, the things it will crush on its way, these are above me to even predict reliably.

I know I'm going to salvage whatever I can of the old dimension-hopping storyline (about 50% is salvageable) so the chapters around 8 to 15 will pop out relatively quickly

This fic is nominally a sequel to Burger Becky's "Tunnel Vision", running as a concurrent timeline parallel to her “Just Add Water”. However, you don't truly need to have read anything except the original “Sailor Ranko”. But beware: this fic can contain spoilers for “Tunnel Vision” as its events are mentioned a few times.

In the time I started this fic I was madly in love with the Sailor Ranko series, otherwise I wouldn't choose it as my starting point (or wouldn't start writing fanfiction at all). Ideally, with this rewrite I should have gotten a fresh start severing all the ties with the “Sailor Ranko” series. But I can't make myself part with great many things put into this work (namely the later, incomplete chapters that never got published). So bear with me, please. (And, if you didn't know, I'm the guy who made that complete Russian translation for Tunnel Vision).

To be honest, when I (initially) conceived this, I wanted a Slayers style story, focused on adventures and exploration, I wanted the Sailor Ranko cast to be torn from the railroad track of staying put and protecting Tokyo, I wanted them to have a really wild, unpredictable adventure. Where the heroes, as well as the reader, would have no chance to predict what awaits them beyond the next corner. So, the cycle began. Being a perfectionist I couldn't help myself but correct, rehaul or rewrite it anew each time I outgrew my prior skill. There were at least two major rewrites — I lost count, since my archives are a mess of unsorted CD-Rs (hadn't have large enough hard drive at the time).

I won't give up, you have my word. Unless I die, get blind, or get thrown into prison, I'll continue moving it forward until either it is completed or I die of old age.

* * *

The Canon differences.

Here's the list of fanon myths (and dubious facts) that made their way into the SR canon and have been set in concrete:

1. Ranma is not too strong physically, approx. 5..10x of common human, and most of his/her extraordinary power and durability (roof-hopping, etc.) comes from using Ki. (Ranma is at least 50x stronger and tougher than an ordinary human in the manga. Sorry, the proof was there but that thread was lost when the fukufics forum database crashed. You can have my word that the research was thorough.)

2. Akane is physically much stronger than Ranma, partly due to training she received in the original SR. (No way, in the manga. Usually the stronger a character is, the higher he jumps. Akane's limit is 2.5 to 3 meters)

3. Any Senshi is physically stronger than Ranma in his civilian form, or at least equal (dubious, even when you compare the anime series).

4. Ryouga is physically much stronger than any Senshi, including Akane and Ranma in their Senshi forms (Ranma is physically stronger than Ryouga in the manga. At least towards the end of it.)

5. Senshi's magic attacks are stronger than any Ki-blast Ranma could hope to produce (dubious, judging by the collateral damage).

6. Using the "Silence Glaive Surprise" doesn't cost Saturn her life. (note: it DOES kill her in the anime - she survived only because she was interrupted in casting her attack)

7. Ranma hates to dress girly (does NOT in the manga. She likes to look god too much).

8. Pluto uses the time-space Gate to watch over the timeline (no any proof in the anime and does NOT in the manga).

9. The Outers visit the weekly meetings and go along with the Inners (quite an incompatible bunches in the anime).

10. Hotaru did grow back somehow, although there was no Galaxia (5th season) in this SMverse, and no Dead Moon Circus (4th season) (forced to regrow back from a toddler by Galaxia in the anime).

11. There was no Great Freeze on the way to the Crystal Tokyo. The future Senshi are really over 1000 years old (are in their twenties due to prolonged hibernation in the anime).

* * *

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