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"Sailor Ranko" fanfiction

This is a voluminous and popular fanfiction series based on the anime "Ranma nibun no ichi" and "Bishojo Senshi Sailormoon" (as well as movies "Karate Kid", "Terminator 2" and "Godzilla"). It counts 5 authors, who wrote almost 3 megabytes of text in 8 different stories.

The main authors are the mysterious Fire, who started it all, and Burger Becky, who writes the "official" (kind of) sequels. Plus there are Kevin D. Hammel, who created a short but important part tying the loose ends in Fire's story and Arthur Hansen and me with our "side branches", so to speak.

Translating this series to Russian was at some point my main hobby (you can see results here).

Most of the series can be found on the Burger Becky's website.

Since April 7, 2012 my fanfic "Your Destiny is Annulled" is no longer a part of this metaseries. I had moved it to Ranma ½ — Translated Fanfics.

This section of my home page is obsoleted.