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Штошник на ушах


My collection of gramophone disks

Collected by grandpa. Here are mostly real hits (from 30s to 50s)

These are in WAV (11kHz, 8-bit, uncompressed): this format works much better than MP3 with such exotic sound source as grampophone disk (very noisy, with wery narrow band for useful signal, about few kHz).

Recorded using ancient tube radio-gramophone, which has excellent noise reduction filter, designed specially for gramophone disks (but don't ask me, how many sound cards died on their duty - for in any tube amplifier average voltage is around 200 volts)

Note: there are .TXT files included into each archive, but all details are in Russian.

Note: I just started uploiading this collection, just 6 of many disks are digitized, and only 3 of 'em uploaded so far...


This one my granddad brought from Germany as war trophy, so it's probably dated to 1940s.

Eine nacht in Monte Carlo (1,5M)

Pontenero (1,7M)

Enegrgetic soviet romantic of 1950s:

Never forget (1,6M)

Girlfriends, keep writing to us (0,8M)

Tangoes, very popular in 1930s (you can say that by alone how worn this disk is):

Rio-Ritah (1,4M)

Passing clouds (1,3M)